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The mission of SaveMiHeart is to improve survival from sudden cardiac arrest in the community by engaging Michigan citizens, community groups and professionals to provide education, research and support.


SaveMiHeart organizational structure is based on the “Chain of Survival”.

Community Response - The Community Response Group has identified key areas that have been shown to improve bystander recognition and response to cardiac arrest. SaveMiHeart engages survivors of cardiac arrest, their families and rescuers to highlight the importance of their role in cardiac arrest survival.


911 Emergency Medical Dispatch - Emergency Medical Dispatchers who provide “Dispatch-Assisted CPR” help increase the rate of bystander CPR. A goal of SaveMiHeart is to improve delivery of Dispatch-Assisted CPR instruction in Michigan.


EMS - Train EMS professionals in evidence-base protocols to enhance survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest.


Hospital - The aim of the Hospital Group is to advocate for an organized, evidence-based approach to post-resuscitation care.

CARES Annual Report

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